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I need a place where I can vent all my negative thoughts anonymously. This is the place. If you've come across this blog, don't try to guess who I am, and cheer up because you know now there is someone out there who is more miserable than you. (:

Seminar 9 (ERP Implementation)

Alright, so we’ve learnt all about the theories of ERP. What’s the point of learning without putting it into practice right? This week we get to see SAP ERP implementation in action by examining the case studies of different companies.

Few lessons I learnt from these case studies:

  • ERP implementation is more than just a software implementation; it is a business overhaul. There will be changes in the traditional way the company once did things, and everybody will not be happy about it. This is where ‘hard’ subjects like this IT mod is complemented by ‘soft’ subjects, namely Organisational Behaviour: management must be able to introduce change to the company effectively with as little resistance as possible. As learnt from Nestle, where they took a time and cost penalty by committing a costly mistake (which they fortunately, eventually recovered from in the end) and Fox Meyer (which was not as fortunate) where resistant employee greatly contributed to its bankruptcy.
  • The c


This is further reinforced by a mini debate session.

1. Business process reengineering (BPR) should always precede an ERP implementation




People have worse problems than me. All I do is whine all day and indulging in useless self-pity. Yes useless. That’s the words. That’s the word to describe me. I possess no ridiculous talents, my grades suck, I have no leadership capabilities whatsoever, I am not organised, I have no future. I am just drifting through life and taking it as it is. What you guys would call a parasite of society. Yes that’s what I am. Sucking up the country’s and my parents’ money and doing nothing good in return.

It really makes me wonder what have I done to deserve such wonderful friends and family. Or were they merely pretending to be nice to keep up with their image?

I am fully aware of my flaws. And yet, I am unsure of what I’m useful for.

i woke up hoping it had all been a horrible dream.

“Hey, let me tell you a secret. I will tell only you okay?”
A blush and a smile spreads as anticipating hands reached across to type. “Sure what is it?”
“I’m going out with her.”

How am I supposed to react to this inside me. I don’t know the answer. I am still searching for it a day later. The smiles and teasing you received over MSN was not sincere, I am sorry. I was happy definitely for you and her. But what am I to make out of my own misfortune? Who will feel sad for me?

I am very happy you treat me as someone important. But I know I can never be as important as her. I wish you could have picked another person to tell. I wish I will never know. I wish (I’m sorry) I could have been her.

These past few days I have been arrogant and didn’t know any better. I’m sorry for being ignorant, and selfishly sticking to you like a parasite. Now I know my place and will move aside.

You said you hope to never hurt her. I will never forgive you if you hurt her. You have hurt me, but it is okay, because that stinging slap woke me up. Although the realisation sank in only this morning, it had been unbearably suffocating.

The “too bad”s and “oh well”s I told myself are not working. The pain from your kind-hearted slap is still burning my skin.

It is going to take some time, but I promise I’ll get over it.

Thank you and goodbye.