People have worse problems than me. All I do is whine all day and indulging in useless self-pity. Yes useless. That’s the words. That’s the word to describe me. I possess no ridiculous talents, my grades suck, I have no leadership capabilities whatsoever, I am not organised, I have no future. I am just drifting through life and taking it as it is. What you guys would call a parasite of society. Yes that’s what I am. Sucking up the country’s and my parents’ money and doing nothing good in return.

It really makes me wonder what have I done to deserve such wonderful friends and family. Or were they merely pretending to be nice to keep up with their image?


About Zetsubou Kagami

I need a place where I can vent all my negative thoughts anonymously. This is the place. If you've come across this blog, don't try to guess who I am, and cheer up because you know now there is someone out there who is more miserable than you. (: View all posts by Zetsubou Kagami

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